Carnival Armband Prices

$15 armbands Friday 5pm-10pm
$20 armbands all day Saturday 10am-5pm
Armbands for unlimited rides at carnival only
Friday 5-10 pm OR Saturday 10am-5pm.
Friday armbands cannot be used on Saturday.

Individual Ticket Prices
(Individual tickets are $1 each and the number of tickets per attraction vary)

Medium rides $3+
Large rides (such as Ferris Wheel) $5
Sheet of 25 tickets $20

Due to the cost of fuel, prices have increased slightly.

ATM will be available at the carnival.

Bama Air Dogs
April 23, 2022 11:30am, 2pm

Two free shows inside semi circle of vendor booths between Main Street and Larry York Dr.

Man leaning back with black dog Frisbee in mouth jumping.

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Graphic for Pony rides and carnival prices Magnolia Festival.